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Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting service, or dedicated server, is a type of hosting service in which you lease an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as you will have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

Our Dedicated Server plans ...compare our plans and make a choice today!


4 Dedicated IPs 2 x 750GB Disk Space 20TB Monthly Bandwidth 8GB RAM Intel Core i7 Software RAID Multiple OS Choice Boot / Shutdown / Reboot / rDNS Root Access


4 Dedicated IPs 2 x 2TB Disk Space 20TB Monthly Bandwidth 12GB RAM Intel Core i7 Software RAID Multiple OS Choice Boot / Shutdown / Reboot / rDNS Root Access


4 Dedicated IPs 2 x 3TB Disk Space 20TB Monthly Bandwidth 24GB RAM Intel Core i7 Software RAID Multiple OS Choice Boot / Shutdown / Reboot / rDNS Root Access

What's in the box? ...more information on what you get with any of the plans above.

Monthly Pricing

To reduce the cost of your startup capital for a webhosting business, we accept monthly payments for the reseller hosting plans. If you want to pay for a year, discounts apply!

Quick Setup

Ever had to wait several hours or even days to get your site hosted after making a payment? Here's the deal, we value your time and make sure you are online within minutes!

Free Migration

Are you already hosting your website somewhere else and would really want to get on board our services? We will offer to migrate your websites from your present host to our end at no additional cost!

SSH Access

Need to perform some server commands on your account? You can do this with any of these plans.

Frequently asked questions ...feel free to contact us if you have any more questions

Placing an order has been made easy, you can place an order by clicking the "Order Now" button of your desired plan.
You can make payments online using your ATM cards, you can also make payments to the bank using our bank account number. We also accept online transfers or transfers made through ATM machines. You can also pay with Paypal, for international customers. The currency conversion will be done automatically during Paypal checkout.
Your dedicated server will be delivered within 6-12 hours from the time of payment, on working days. Orders made on weekends are processed on the first working day.
You have full root access with the ability to reset, reinstall, reboot etc. You also have the ability to set rDNS.
If you exceed your bandwidth before the end of the month your server connection speed will be throttled. You will not be disconnected.
The minimum lease period is 1 month.
You can order single IPs (up to 6) or IP subnets. In such a case, kindly contact us for a quote.

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