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Web Hosting

A shared web hosting service or virtual hosting service or derive host refers to a web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. Each site "sits" on its own partition, or section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites. This is generally the most economical option for hosting.

Our shared hosting plans ...compare our plans and make a choice today!

Starter Plan₦3,500/year

5GB Disk Space 50GB Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Sub Domains One-Click Installer Daily Backups Quick Setup FREE Migration

Starter Pro Plan₦7,700/year

10GB Disk Space 100GB Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Sub Domains One-Click Installer Daily Backups Quick Setup FREE Migration

Max Pro Plan₦10,100/year

15GB Disk Space 150GB Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Sub Domains One-Click Installer Daily Backups Quick Setup FREE Migration

Domain Pricing ...see our very competitive and affordable domain prices!

TLD Registration Renewal Transfer
.com ₦4,000/year ₦4,000/year ₦4,000/year
.net ₦4,000/year ₦4,000/year ₦4,000/year
.org ₦4,500/year ₦4,500/year ₦4,500/year
.com.ng ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year
.org.ng ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year
.net.ng ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year ₦1,700/year
.biz ₦3,500/year ₦3,500/year ₦3,500/year
.ng ₦11,500/year ₦11,500/year ₦11,500/year
.co.uk ₦3,500/year ₦3,500/year ₦3,500/year
.tv ₦12,000/year ₦12,000/year ₦12,000/year
.co ₦8,000/year ₦8,000/year ₦8,000/year
.club ₦4,500/year ₦4,500/year ₦4,500/year

What's in the box? ...more information on what you get with any of the plans above.

Unlimited Emails

Create as many customised email addresses as you desire for your website. Your email accounts can be configured to work on any device (e.g Blackberry, iPhone) or email client (e.g MS Outlook)

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Have an unlimited number of FTP accounts to enable you provide different access levels to different users or developers of your website. You can also use your cPanel username and password for FTP access.

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Every dynamic site requires a database. From your site's control panel (cPanel) you can create as many databases as your website will need to work with. In most cases, one database is enough for a script.

SSH Access

Need to perform some server commands on your account? You can do this with any of these plans. This feature is available on request and is subject to approval as a result of its capabilities

Visitors Log

Won't you just love to know that you can now find out exactly where your site's traffic is coming from and what search keywords get traffic to your site? This is possible with the trackings tools available.

Malware Detection and Security

The security of your websites is our priority and we have put a lot of protocols in place to ensure your sites are safe even in a shared environment. We'll also advise you keep your CMS sites updated always!

File Manager

Access your files and perform administrative functions on them. You can copy, paste, cut, create, delete, rename, compress, extract and upload files. You can do much more with the file manager.

Cron Jobs

Automate processes from your control panel. With different settings available, you can set up processes to run at specific intervals. For instance, you can have processes set to run once a day or once a month.

Daily Backups

Ever wondered what would happen to your files if there was a crash due to circumstances beyond our control? We take regular backups of your files and they are available to you at no extra cost!

One-Click Installer

Your favorite scripts and web applications can be installed from your control panel. This means you can install scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and over 100 other scripts, all from your control panel.

Free Technical Support

We don't just provide web hosting services to you and leave you to figure out the rest by yourself, we stand by you all the way. We provide support and advise when needed, at no additional cost!

Powered By cPanel

If you've never hosted an account on a cPanel platform, we can only imagine how much of the good stuff you have been missing. Just try it out with our hosting plans and thank us later!

Quick Setup

Ever had to wait several hours or even days to get your site hosted after making a payment? Here's the deal, we value your time and make sure you are online within minutes!

Free Migration

Are you already hosting your website somewhere else and would really want to get on board our services? We will offer to migrate your websites from your present host to our end at no additional cost!

Frequently asked questions ...feel free to contact us if you have any more questions

Placing an order has been made easy, you can place an order by clicking the "Order Now" botton of your desired hosting plan.
You can make payments online using your ATM cards, you can also make payments to the bank using our bank account number. We also accept online transfers or transfers made through ATM machines
Your order will be processed within a few minutes after your payment has been confirmed. If you are paying online, your order will be processed as soon as your online payment has been made successfully. You may experience some delays when paying using the bank deposit method because we will first need to confirm your payment with the bank, however this process is always completed within the same day your payment was made.
We do not offer unlimited hosting plans. However if you need a higher plan or a customised plan, please contact us.
If you exceed your bandwidth before the end of the month, let us know about this. We will carry out an investigation as to what must have caused the bandwidth usage hike and then provide advice. In most cases we will reset your bandwidth usage for that month. However if this is a recurring thing, we will advice you to upgrade your account to a higher plan.
No, you can't. To carry our mailing campaigns please look at the bulk mailing plans.
We have a series of security protocols to prevent hacks. With the usage of CMSes like Wordpress and Joomla, some sites could still be hacked if they are not updated regularly. In the unlikely event that your site is hacked or has a malware, let us know about this and we will provide advice on restoration steps. We will not suspend your site except it presents a security risk to our network or the hack has been recurring.
You can contact us and we will walk you through our simplified transfer process and will carry out the migration for you at no additional cost.
If your subscription expires, your files will be kept for 28 more days hoping you will renew your subscription. If your subscription is not renewed within 28 days, your files will then be deleted and we will have no further records of it.

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