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Web Development

In this era of fast advancement in technology, a business can't afford to ignore the potentials of technological advancements on its business. We intend to harness these potentials in creating online solutions for businesses and individuals to seamlessly link business up, reducing the redundancy of information and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data and information.

We work with the following core technologies:

  • PHP: This is the serverside programming language that will handle all serverside requests and manipulation of data.
  • MySQL: This is the database engine that will be used to store all data in an optimised manner that is easy to retrieve and update.
  • HTML & CSS & JavaScript: These three technologies will be used for the user interface presentation and structure.
  • AJAX: This will be used for asynchronous server requests in specific areas of the portal
  • Linux: This is the operating system that will power the servers

How We Handle Security

Security is a key focus on all our projects. While we cannot divulge all our security protocols, the following has been compiled below to give you an idea of how we handle security in web applications:

Secure Passwords: All passwords will be encrypted with a hash algorithm which will include a passphrase or salt. Passwords will not be stored in plain text formats in the database.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): All HTTP requests made to and from the system will be done through a secure socket layer. So all interactions will take place through the HTTPS transfer protocol. This will be achieved by the use of an SSL certificate on the web server. This will also prevent any middle-man attack as all data that will be processed through the system will be encrypted before it is transported.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention: XSS attacks will be prevented through validation of all clientside and serverside scripts that will be developed for this application.

MySQL Injection attack prevention: MySQL injection is a common form of attack through which a user with malicious intent can gain access to the database. This will be prevented using the PDO layer of interaction with the database and the serverside validation of all HTML forms and the data they carry before they are used by the system.

Distributed Denial of Service Protection (DDOS): The dedicated server will be DDOS protected to avoid mass attacks from malicious users and to prevent a shutdown of the entire system in the event of heavy load as a result of such attack attempts.

Firewall Protection / Login Failure Detection: Custom rules will be written for the specific needs of the website to prevent attack methods such as port scanning, SPAM, code injection and brute force attacks.

Server Vulnerability/Exploit Scanner: The dedicated server will have an additional layer of protection that will scan all data and content before it is stored. This scan will pick up viruses, known fingerprint matches and suspicious filenames.

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